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About George's

    George's North Shore delivers the classic North Shore roast beef sandwich to Portland, ME. Owner Logan Abbey grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where the roast beef sandwich is a lifestyle staple. Upon moving to Portland 13 years ago, Logan recognized that the bustling foodie culture lacked the beefy magic of his upbringing. In January 2020, Logan decided to make a meaty impact. Starting with small pop-ups in partnership with local restaurants and breweries, Logan perfected his craft. Finally, on August 14th, Logan debuted his food truck.

   George's is named after Logan's dog, a beautiful Chihuahua/Pug mix, who is himself named after the iconic and classically handsome George Costanza.     Following the success of George's North Shore, Logan Launched ,''George & Leon's Famous Roast Beef" located in Westbrook! Expanding the menu to include other North Shore Staples such as Chicken Finger subs, Cheeseburger Subs and Pizza rolls!  

    Whether you've enjoyed a North Shore style sandwich before, or we're popping your roast beef cherry, we are delighted to serve you this Massachusetts delicacy here in Westbrook and Portland, ME.

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